Fortune-telling by blood type! – Ayano Kaji

May , 2017

Do you know your blood type?

Just as fortune-telling such as horoscope or palmistry (palm reading), ‘fortune-telling by blood type’ has also become popular in Japan. I can say 99.9% of Japanese people know their blood type and interestingly they relate their blood types with their personality types. They believe people can be divided into 4 types of personalities depending on their blood type. Among young people, it sometimes relates to their relationships. For example if your blood type is B and your boyfriend/girlfriend is blood type O, they can get along well with each other. If your blood type is A, then blood type AB people will be trustworthy for you and you will get good advice or cooperation from them.

Personally, I don’t agree with the idea, but people might tend to judge others by their blood type. At the same time, when I think about my family or my friends’ characteristics, the blood type description suits them very well.

In this article, I would like to introduce ‘general personality’ based on blood types which is well known in Japan.

a[Type A]
They consider discipline, public rules and human relationship very important. Always be prudent and well organised. This blood type is the largest number in Japan and it’s reflected in Japanese society. When you think of a Japanese person, you can be convinced of it, can’t you?

b[Type B]
They don’t like being bound by discipline and rules. They are freewheeling and very positive. It’s said that many artists are blood type B. It’s hard to think what they’re thinking and sometimes have changeable personalities. I am blood type B and I think it matches my character…!

ab[Type AB]
They are calm all the time and they can think about things objectively. In addition, they’re also said to have blood type A and blood type B characteristics (double personalities). Some of my friends are this blood type and they always give me good advice.

o[Type O]
They are realistic and romantic. They don’t care about small things and are good at becoming natural leaders as they take care of people below them. My thinking about blood type O is they are very calm and cheerful. It’s also said that they can get along well with anybody.

Do these matches your character? There is no scientific evidence to prove or disapprove blood types and the association with people characters. Have a think about yourself, and your family or friends. Maybe you can categorise them into the 4 types of personalities.

Japanese people may ask for your blood type when first meeting you, for them this is an ice-breaker, a way to find common ground with you!