About Us

Phillip Anderson

Founder & Director

Loves : Coffee & Chocolate & Craft Beer

Hometown : Melbourne

What I like to do
(Hobby) : Driving (car racing)

Favourite food : Japanese Curry

Favourite place in Melbourne :  Yarra Rangers

Motto : “Determination leads to success”

Message to Students : One dose not simply learn a new language without learning the bad words first, however this is not always the case with Japanese.

Noriko Yasutsune

Manager / Japanese teacher

Experience of teaching : Since 2005

Hometown : Fukuoka

What I like to do
(Hobby) : Cooking, Watching movies

Favourite food : Melbourne’s Coffee, Ramen

Favourite place in Melbourne : Mornington Peninsula, ANZ Gothic bank

Motto : Laugh and get fat! 笑う門には福来る

Message to Students : Learning Japanese is not only fun but also can be rewarding in your achievements.

Mihono Imai

Japanese teacher

Experience of teaching : Since 2012

Hometown : Yamaguchi

What I like to do
(Hobby) : Meeting New people

Favourite food : Cheese

Favourite place in Melbourne : Otway National Park

Motto : Keep smiling and enjoy

Message to Students: Enjoy learning Japanese!

Nao Kimura

Japanese teacher

Experience of teaching : Since 2016

Hometown : Oosaka

What I like to do
(Hobby) : Cooking Japanese cuisine, watching GHIBLI movies, traveling

Favourite food : Takoyaki

Favourite place in Melbourne : Carlton Garden

Motto : I always act on my ideas as soon as I think of them.

Message to Students: Japanese language might be difficult however it is an interesting and beautiful language. I would like to be help you! Let’s start learning Japanese language. I am looking forward to talking with you in Japanese.

Tomoe Iguchi


Experience of teaching : Since 2015

Hometown : Shizuoka

What I like to do
(Hobby) : Movie, Arts and Dance

Favourite food : Sea urchin and Eel

Favourite place in Melbourne : Botanic garden

Motto : ちりもつもれば山となる Every little bit counts.

Message to Students : We learn a few grammars per class but they must become your precious knowledges and skills. Please enjoy learning new grammar and vocabulary in class!

Student repetiton rate
of our students are between the age of 20 - 30.
of our students have been studying Japanese between 1 - 5 years.