Japanese Calligraphy Classes Melbourne

Dec , 2018

Calligraphy Class – Your handwriting shows your personality.

Japanese Calligraphy Classes MelbourneJapanese calligraphy (Shodo) is one of the most popular fine arts of Japan.

Calligraphy is a system of aesthetic Chinese writing expressed through a variety of brush movements and compositions of dots and strokes.

There is nothing casual in Japanese calligraphy. The beginning, the direction, the form and the ending of lines, the balance between elements are important for each line and point, and even the empty space testifies about many things.

Good calligraphy possesses rhythm, emotion, aesthetic, beauty, spirituality and, perhaps most importantly, the character of the calligrapher.

The implements required for shodo are a brush (fude), ink (sumi) either in the form of an ink stick, or, more commonly, instant ink, and calligraphy paper (hanshi). A felt mat (shitajiki) is placed under the paper to provide an even and slightly elastic writing surface. An ink well (suzuri) is used to rub the sumi and mix it with water (or, more commonly, to hold instant ink). A paperweight (bunchin, pronounced boon-cheen) is used to hold the hanshi paper in place. Finally, a stone signature seal (inkan) is inked using glutinous ink paste (indei) and affixed to the left hand side of the completed work.

You will learn the basic skills of calligraphy writing techniques, practice balances, strokes, stops and splashes. Let’s practice how to write beautiful letters.

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Date: Saturday 8th Dec
Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Place: iJapanese