Why Do You Love Japanese Culture?

Japanese Anime & Manga
An integral part of modern Japanese pop culture, giving us the likes of Pokémon, Totoro, Naruto and much more. We can help you learn Japanese through your favourite anime & manga characters.
Japanese Food
Japanese cuisine offers an abundance of gourmet delights, sushi, sashimi, ramen and many more. Learn all about Japanese food culture: Where to go, how to order, etiquette, regional specialties and more. 
Japanese Fashion
Japan with its incredible sense of unique style has something for everyone, from its typical high-end brands to amazing street fashion to cosplay. Just another simply way to express yourself. 

A Broad Range of Japanese Classes on Offer

Japanese Language


Learn how to read, write, listen and speak Japanese from native Japanese teachers.
Japanese For Travel


Providing you with the conversational skills for situational phases for shopping, ordering food and asking directions.
Japanese For VCE Course
Give yourself a major advantage in VCE Japanese with our tailored VCE tuition.

Celebrate Japanese Culture in Melbourne or in Japan

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iJapanese is Melbourne's number 1 Japanese Language & Culture School. 

Whatever your reason for being interested in Japanese culture, we have the perfect class for you!

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Unlike other language schools, our goal at iJapanese is to give you not just the language skills to survive in Japan, but a deeper appreciation of culture so you can thrive! Starting with a solid Japanese language education foundation we aim to build our classes around the things that get you excited about Japan. So, in addition to learning to read, write, listen and speak in Japanese, how would you like to also learn about:
Japanese Martial Arts
Developed and used by the historical samurai. Karate, Kendo and Judo all include the fundamentals of encompassing physical, spiritual, and moral dimensions with a focus of self-improvement and personal growth. 
Japanese Art & Design
From ancient pottery, sculptures, ink paintings and calligraphy to high-tech contemporary design with a unique blend of deep heritage and traditionalism influenced by ‘Wabi-Sabi’ philosophy.
Shopping in Japan
World renowned as a great shopping destination, Japan has something for everyone from designer to the truly unique.
Japanese History
Retaining strong to its historical customs, practices and beliefs it has been culturally influenced by the mythology to the sun goddess (Shinto), the teachings of Buddhism and samurai philosophy.
Japanese Architecture
Incorporating it's distinct historical characteristics from Shrines, Temples, Palaces and Castles todays aesthetics of modern contemporary designs impress even the most sceptical.
Japanese Music
Historically isolated allowing it to develop its own unique sounds, it’s modern genres now include J-Pop, Anime music and Gaming music. Not to mention the abundance of karaoke rooms to rock out in!
Our students are interested in Japan for a wide variety of reasons including Japanese drama, people, sports, nature & tattoos to name a few.


Japanese For Business


For those people who require speaking and communicating with clients or colleagues, focusing on learning business culture and etiquettes.
Japanese Culture


We bring Japan to you with a broad range of Japanese culture workshops.
JLPT Preparation


Providing you the knowledge, skills and proficiency to succeed with strategies in preparation of undertaking JLPT.
You will learn from trained and skilled native Japanese tutors with many years of experience teaching in schools throughout Japan and Australia. Whatever your reasons for studying this language, our mission is to ensure you gain the maximum enjoyment and benefit from all of your lessons.

Over 1000 Happy Students & Growing

We pride ourselves on being the best Japanese language school in Melbourne. As a student of iJapanese, you don’t just learn to speak the language but you will also learn about the culture, history and the way of life. 

Adam Sloane

Sunbury VIC

“I've had the pleasure of studying at iJapanese for the past 7 years. During my time all the teachers have show an amazing level of dedication to helping me learn this language. Always willing to answer my questions, showing amazing patience in classes and have always had a positive attitude.”

“iJapanese not only teaches me the beautiful Japanese language, but also exposes me to its culture and thinking through discussions in class. It is a place where I feel at home and have a good laugh every time when I chat with the teachers.”

Myra Lee

Murrumbeena VIC

“iJapanese has provided me with a great environment to learn and grow. Thanks to the schools patient and enthusiastic teachers, I've reached a level I never thought I'll be able to achieve. The school has given me the opportunity to make friends here and in Japan through the skills I've learnt in the classroom.”

Raphael Haddad

Canterbury VIC

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How it Works

In Melbourne
Learning Japanese isn't just something you use when you visit Japan. Melbourne is also a fantastic place to experience Japanese culture! 

At iJapanese we want to help you experience the best of Japanese culture in Melbourne.


• Japanese culture classes, including those held at iJapanese
• Japanese restaurants, bars & food/drink tasting events
• Japanese festivals and events in Melbourne
• Language exchange meetings and interest based clubs and  groups. eg. Anime clubs, cosplay, gunpla models etc.
• Recommendations for books, mange, anime & drama shows  which will help you to develop your Japanese
In Japan
Going to Japan is an amazing experience. With our focus on the cultural aspects of Japan and our students interests in Japanese culture we can help you get the most out of your trip to Japan.

iJapanese has everything you need to prepare for your Japanese adventures.

• Travel planning - Recommended destinations based on  your needs and interests
• Language preparation for the specific activities you plan to  enjoy in Japan. eg. Restaurants, Music Events, Art Galleries

• Learn about the different Japanese dialects for the areas  you will visit 

Free Online Level Check
This will help us pair you with teachers and students that share similar interests in Japanese culture. That way you can meet new friends, share conversations about topics of interest and more.


This will help us pair you with teachers and students that share similar interests in Japanese culture. That way you can meet new friends, share conversations about topics of interest and more.


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