11 May

Japanese Technological Dunnies – Kisai Furukawa

The humble toilet is something we all use - every day of every week of every year. It goes by many names, including the loo, the dunny, the crapper and that’s just the polite ones!! In my opinion, Japanese toilets have got to b..

04 May

Fortune-telling by blood type! – Ayano Kaji

Do you know your blood type? Just as fortune-telling such as horoscope or palmistry (palm reading), ‘fortune-telling by blood type’ has also become popular in Japan. I can say 99.9% of Japanese people know their blood type and ..

24 Mar

Three types of beers in Japan?! – Phillip Anderson

This summer we had a continues stream of hot weather. There is nothing better than an icy cold beer on a hot day!! ビール (Beer) is also very popular alcoholic drink in Japan. According to research in 2014, beer consumption in..

06 Mar

Trip to Japan – Angie Wszola

Hi minna! My name is Angie and I have been studying at iJapanese now for around 12 months. I am currently completing my Bachelor of Health Sciences in Nutritional Medicine and I also work in after-hours recruitment which has me kee..

22 Feb

Mushi Tori – Insect Catching – Noriko Yasutsune

Last year, it was a huge boom of Pokémon GO. Were you hooked on Pokemon Go… Caught a lot of Pokemons or Bumped in a poll or tree? Did you ever collect the old school Pokémon cards when you were young, what was it you did out..

06 Feb

Japanese Name – How do they name their children?–Yumiko Aiba

In any country, a name may be one of the important elements of your personality. A name not only represents your identification, but sometimes affects the impression of your character. In Japan, too. Moreover, giving a name in Japan..

23 Jan

What year is this? It’s 29. It’s 2017 isn’t it? it? – Noriko Yasutsune

When you ask Japanese people what year it is, they will say 29. In Japan, they use their traditional dating system and this year is "Heisei 29nen". (平成29年: ‘nen’ means ‘year’) The era name system was a common tradi..

08 Dec

Station master… neko?!! – Yueeie Lui

Tama (1999 - 2015), the world’s first cat as a station master, “the only female in a managerial position” of  Wakayama Electric Railway, is the station master and operating officer of Kishi station (貴志駅) on Kishigawa L..

08 Dec

Christmas in Japan – Noriko Yasutsune

Christmas is just around the corner and is a special day for Japanese people as well. How do the Japanese celebrate Christmas, you may ask? What is Christmas like in Japan? Many Western Christmas traditions have been adopted by ..

08 Dec

Trip to Japan – Raphael Haddad

Hello Everyone, During April I was lucky enough to travel throughout Japan. This also coincided with the famed cherry blossom season! It was my second time travelling through this beautiful and intriguing country. But unlike last..