Culture Courses

Calligraphy Workshop

This workshop is designed to teach the basics of Japanese calligraphy as well as creating your very own piece of Japanese Calligraphy works. You will also have the opportunity to keep your calligraphy tools so that you can continue practising at home.

Pop Culture Workshop

Introducing Japanese popular culture, especially focusing on Amime, Manga and young people’s fashion.

Japanese Customs and Traditions Workshop

It is always an important step to understand and respect traditional customs of any countries, saves you from awkward or embarrassing situations. This engaging and enlightening workshop highlights the common misconceptions and outlines the key traditional customs of Japan.

Anime ‘One Piece’ Studying Workshop

The popular Anime One Piece workshop is a fun and analytical examination of specialized anime vocabulary and phrases that is not so different from everyday Japanese conversations.

Kanji Workshop

Kanji is one of three Japanese writing systems that is known to be difficult to learn, this interesting workshop will illustrate the association and meaning behind the symbols.

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